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Dresma is redefining the image creation process for online sellers.

Our DoMyShoot app and DresmaPost post-production workflow leverage cutting-edge image manipulation and data science to enable online sellers to generate high-quality, effective images at a fraction of the cost and time.

Our AI-powered tools can give your teams across the globe access to powerful features that support large-scale visual content creation. With an automated workflow as the backbone of your online business, you can increase your ROI and boost productivity.

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  • Product centric guides
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Frequently Asked Questions
Everything you need to know about DoMyShoot

DoMyShoot is an AI-based product photography app that guides you to shoot your products and offers expert-quality photos which meet guidelines for all eCommerce platforms Additionally, you benefit from a library of product-centric and theme-based backgrounds to ensure your product images stand out wherever they are shared

You can simply download the DoMyShoot application from the App Store and Google Playstore using this link:

DoMyShoot is a professional product photography app, accessible to all. Once you install the app on your smartphone, you can start a shoot to experience the DoMyShoot solution for product images. All you need to do is start clicking!

DoMyShoot offers professional quality images for your products and eliminates the need for studio shoots and background removal tools. Now you can generate pro images with a hassle-free shoot anytime, anywhere in just a few clicks

One hundred percent! DoMyShoot stores your photos in strict confidence and never divulges them to other users or any third party. All your product images are stored on our AWS cloud storage hosted in the US

Every new customer gets 5 DoMyShoot credits absolutely free! These can be availed for both product listing images as well as lifestyle backgrounds. You can use them to run a test shoot to understand the app and ensure our workflow and quality meet your needs

DoMyShoot offers professional ecommerce product photography and eliminates the need for studio shoots. With images for product listings, multiple shoot angles, and lifestyle templates, DoMyShoot helps drive engagement for your products across platforms

Go to the Membership section to upgrade your plan. Click the one that best fits your needs, and go ahead to upgrade!

You can change your email address from the Profile section after verifying it via OTP. If you prefer to use another email address, you will need to register yourself using the new email address.

Click on your profile icon on the bottom right of the screen, and then edit your language preference from the icon on the top right. DoMyShoot is a multilingual app for use of sellers globally!

Just click on your profile and select Log Out. To log back in, just enter your registered e-mail ID and password.

Yes, you can earn 10 free credits by referring a friend. The only requirement is that your referee has to do at least 1 shoot for you to get access to your earned credits.

You can register with your phone number (using the country code ) or your email ID

On the login page, enter your registered email address and tap on forgot password and follow further instructions.

Here are some steps you can follow: Double check if you’ve typed the address correctly Check your email’s spam or junk folder Refresh your email inbox Resend the email If all these steps do not work, write to

At the moment, no. However, one user can have multiple entities with different email ID’s on their account.

Once you purchase any credits, you will receive a mail on your registered email ID. Alternatively, you can click on the credits on your profile, and it will show you your invoice history.

The DoMyShoot app has an in-app purchase option for credits, which can be easily purchased with your Debit/Credit Card. On the profile, you can go to the "Pay Per Use" section, select credits to be bought, and go ahead to make a payment.

If your payment fails or doesn’t go through, it’s usually a card issue. We request you to get in touch with your bank and request them for information on the same. Any failed payments on our site will not be charged to you.

In this scenario, contact your bank and inform them of the same. If the payment is received twice at our end, one of the payments will be refunded to you within 5 business days

It's unfortunate that we have not met your requirements. As a first step, please share the feedback with the support team from your Project page. If the changes still not satisfy you, do raise a request to and we will initiate the refund process.

Yes, of course!

You can pay via credit or debit card. If you are an Indian citizen, UPI is also available.

Yes, it is absolutely safe!

A standard charge of 1 USD per image applies.

These lines help guide the angle of the shoot to ensure you get the best results possible. If it’s pink, it means you need to adjust the angle accordingly and green means you’re good to go!

Open your app, select your product category, and start clicking the angles. Choose a background for your image, and you are done. Once you confirm your project, you will receive pro-quality images in your inbox within 24 hours

Ensure that the product you want to shoot is clean and placed neatly in a well-lit area. Open the mobile app and select the product category and subcategory so that you get the desired product overlay

DoMyShoot offers in-app guides that help you shoot product images with product category-specific guides. The app is easy to use, and anyone, even an amateur photographer, can make use of it! Leave it to us to convert your images into high-quality content :)

You don't need a high-end mobile phone to get great images on DoMyShoot. As long as your camera is 8MP, you can get images to meet marketplace requirements

Yes! Read more here:

Select "Other Products" and continue with the shoot

Write to us at and we will check why this is the case.

Go to My Projects- finished images will show in the Completed section and images in processing will show in In Process.

The product overlay on the screen guides the user about placement and orientation. It acts just as a guide and it is not mandatory to adjust the product within the overlay, though it would be ideal to do so for the best results

Our team will send you "Reshoot Requests" when specified criteria are not being met during the shoot process to enable us to process pro-quality outputs. The request will always have a reason attached for you to make note of during the next shoot

As of now we do not offer this facility. However, you can write to us at with your requirements and if possible we will help with a solution.

You will get your images in 24 hours

You can mail us on with your preferred guideline and we will be in touch with a customized solution

You can do a combo shoot and write a comment in the "Comment section" (Headphone Icon Image). We will deliver 3 images, 1 of each product and 1 for the combo shot

Our images are delivered in jpeg format, but you can write to to request a custom background

You can check My Projects and the Completed section

Some of our Backgrounds are free; however, most require you to use credits to remove the watermark

Yes, you can share your brand Background with us and we would be happy to upload them to the platform, FOR YOUR USE only. We can also customize some backgrounds as per your request if you email us at with the subject line "Custom Background Required" and a short brief of your requirements. There will be an additional charge for our designers to create custom scenes

To remove watermarks, you can use credits to purchase the background

Yes, you can resize the images yourself on the DoMyShoot webapp

Yes, you can use any background for any product of your choice, provided it matches the orientation of your product and theme

You can add the background in your "My Favorites" section on the app to easily access them when you need

Currently, all our backgrounds are designed in-house. However, should you like to contribute, please email and our team would be happy to discuss this further with you

No, you do not get charged to create adaptations using different backgrounds. However, should you select a background that is chargeable, credits will be deducted for its use

Open the app and select a category. Click your product angle and then choose a background to create an Instagram post. Once your project is confirmed, you will receive ready-to-use images within 24 hours. You can directly share the image to Instagram from the app

Should your product overlay not be available, choose "Other Products" from the drop-down menu. It will give you a grid line to guide you through the shoot. You will need to click on all the images required to be shot within those lines. You can also raise a ticket with the subject line "Overlay Required" to mentioning the product for which you need an overlay. Our team will do the needful within 48 hours

Open the app and select a category, then select from "Presets" the marketplace you want to shoot for. The "Presets" button is on the bottom left tab on the screen. Click on your product angles and confirm your project. You will receive marketplace-ready to use images within 24 hours

A 4G connection is good enough to upload image files. A wifi connection is even better. Keep in mind, uploading images can take time depending on the internet speed available

My Projects is a collection of all the images you have shot using the app. "In process" shows all the shoots initiated but not completed. The "Completed" section shows all the shoots post their processing. You can view each of the images in your projects in detail and click on the "Activities" tab to add a background or create an adaptation

You can access all the projects in your Gallery for as long as your membership account is active. If you are not a member, the images will be removed after 30 days from the date of the shoot. However, you have the option to download the images within 30 days of the shoot

You can download the edited images by going to the "Activities" tab in the "Completed" section. Your images can also be downloaded from the webapp in the same way. You will receive a link to your images via email as well

You can raise any help queries using the "headset" icon on the screen

The solid background image is charged at 1 credit for every click. The cost of each lifestyle background is mentioned on the screen where you preview your selection, most of them are free. You will be charged for the credits mentioned on the lifestyle templates

A 4G connection is good enough to upload image files. A Wi-Fi connection is even better. Keep in mind, uploading images can take time depending on the internet speed available

You can access all your images in the "My Projects" section of the app. They will also be emailed to your registered ID

Currently, we deliver Jpeg formats to all our customers. Please email if you have a requirement for any other format

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