Jewelry Photoshoot on Budget: 8 Things to Prepare Before the Shoot

 Alita Fernandes | 14th Oct 2022

Are you wondering how to photograph jewelry at home? Or are you looking for a way to have a photoshoot on a low budget? We’ve got you! While there are expensive tools to get your work done, simpler ways of doing the same things still exist. This article discusses how you can have a jewelry photoshoot on budget.

Jewelry photography, compared to other product photography, is the most minimal. However, the equipment used to get a perfect shot costs more. We can't wait to dig into this topic and help you get things rolling quickly with less investment.

However, before we get into how we can do a jewelry photoshoot on budget, let's discuss the equipment we will need.

What equipment will you need?

The answer to this question is more straightforward than you think. Look around your house. Do you notice familiar things like books, your smartphone, a window, papers, or satin cloth? You might have a few of these; some you may have to borrow. Now, how can you put these things to use?

  • Smartphone: While DSLRs can get you amazing shots (you can borrow one from a friend. If not, read further), smartphones too can get you good jewelry photos. You will have to adjust the camera focus on your phone and get the correct lighting.

  • Natural light: Speaking of lighting, do you have a window from where good light enters your house? Use that! The golden hours, i.e., sunrise or sunsets, are the best time to photograph jewelry at home. When taking pictures from your phone camera, this light (from the golden hours) will give your jewelry a good effect. You will end up getting some magnificent shots.

  • Books: Have you figured out why we have added books to this list yet? Books make excellent budget-friendly tripods. Stack your books one above the other, make sure your phone is steady, and set a timer before taking your shots.

  • Paper: Papers can be used to remove any unwanted reflections. They also make for unique backgrounds. You can try different colored papers pertaining to your brand's message. You can place these papers underneath or behind your jewelry.

  • Clothes: Satin clothes make unique jewelry backgrounds. You can buy them once and use them repeatedly.

Doing an amazing jewelry photoshoot on budget

Let's discuss the 8 things you will need to put in place for your budget photography.

1. Find the right light

jewelry photography Source: Pexels

The natural light source is the most budget-friendly light source there is. Hear us out on this one, the light during sunrise or sunset works the best for light jewelry photography.

Suppose you are shooting for dark jewelry photography. In that case, you can invest in the essential minimal tools such as -

  • A. 2 Speed lights.
  • B. Shooting cone.
  • C. Dazzler LED lights (if you are using moonlighting).
  • D. Light diffusers.

All of these will together cost about $500. It is worth it if you use this equipment in the long run. Or else, hiring a product photographer will be cheaper than investing in jewelry photography equipment.

2. Focus your camera lens

When choosing a smartphone, choose the one that has a good focus. You can also borrow one from a friend or a family member. Jewelry photography is all about focusing on minor details. Hence, choose a smartphone camera with a macro lens to help you focus on your product details.

You can consider getting a good DSLR lens if you have the budget. Nikon lens from Amazon is a good deal.

3. Get creative with props

Budget-friendly background Source: Unsplash

You will find so many budget-friendly items around the house you will be surprised! See if you have the following things in your home: fancy tiles, mirrors, marble boxes, vases, and satin cloth. If you don’t have any of these items, you can go on a shopping spree!

4. Use a tripod

After arranging your lighting, getting the best smartphone for a perfect shot, and getting all your props in place, you need to ensure you are at least getting steady shots.

As I mentioned above, you can use a stack of books and place your phone on it (you can use some heavy object to keep on either side of your phone to keep it steady). Investing in a tripod for the long run is a good idea.

5. The background matters

Jewelry photography Source: Freepik

The background is an integral part of jewelry photography. It sets the tone and story of the entire image.

Light background colors signify play, joy, and elegance. Dark backgrounds represent luxury, minimalism, and elegance. However, no matter your brand's message, you can choose from various options.

You can check out this list of 11 backgrounds for jewelry photography you can use for jewelry photography.

6. Prepare and style

It is about trial and experimentation when it comes to styling your product. There is no one-size-fits-all. Choose your background, get your props ready, and lighting set.

Being ready beforehand, especially when using natural light, is essential. You don’t want to miss out on the peak hours!

Keep your jewelry polished and ready beforehand. Use cotton gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints. If you are using a DSLR, these minor details will be evident.

7. Reflections and angles

Photographing metals and jewels together Source: Pexels

Photographing metals and jewels together can be a task because you will get a reflection from metals. You can have an overhead light over your metal product to avoid this.

The next thing to do is take pictures of the same object from different angles. Many sites allow you to have not one but multiple images of the same product. This is so that the buyer understands what the product will look like after purchase.

If your site allows you to have multiple images, make full use of these spaces.

8. Final editing

Once you have chosen your props, background, and lighting and taken some fantastic pictures of your jewelry, the next step is editing these images.

Editing your product images is a work of art. You can outsource this task or take the time and learn this. Initially, like learning any new skill, learning editing will take time. But once you understand your way around, it will come naturally to you.

Editing your images will enhance the photograph, and your product's primary features will pop out.


The tips mentioned in this article are the best while planning to have an affordable jewelry photoshoot. But if you want to get this done without spending much time and money arranging heavy jewelry photography equipment then there is an easier way.

The DoMyShoot app allows you to use 1000s of pre-saved templates for jewelry photography. Not only that, different websites have different rules to abide by when it comes to photographs.

DoMyShoot is a budget-friendly app for jewelry photography that instantly creates images depending on the site you are hosting your product. Save time and money on creating and editing your pictures.

Try the free demo of the DoMyShoot App now.


Q. How do you photograph jewelry with your phone? A. Use natural light, buy a tripod to ensure you get steady images, and avoid using the flashlight. Use a macro lens camera to focus on the minor details of your jewelry.

Q. How do you photograph jewelry in a lightbox? A. Ensure you have lighting come on from three different sides. That is from the front and the sides. Place your jewelry in the lightbox and position your smartphone in front of the lightbox. Get clicking!

Q. What aperture is best for jewelry photography? A. An aperture between 16 and 22 works well, especially while shooting for rings and small jewelry to get sharper images.

Q. How can you add sparkle to gemstones and diamonds? A. Avoid using chemicals to clean your jewelry. Mild shampoo or glass cleaner will work just fine, among other options.

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