Alita Fernandes | 24th Jul 2022 2 mins

5 Best Amazon Product Photography Backgrounds

Backgrounds are excellent at adding storytelling and depth to your product photographs. Here are 5 backgrounds you can try today -

1. Smoke

Want a good way to portray a luxury brand? Use smoke! Smoke gives an elegant cloud effect to your product photograph.

2. Bokeh

The bokeh technique is mainly used as a background for jewelry photography.

In this technique, a part of the frame is blurred out, and the closer objects are kept in focus. You will need the widest aperture for a shallower depth of field. For this, you will have to invest in a good lens.

3. Fabric

Fabrics are an excellent background for adding depth to your images. You can use materials like lace, leather, silk, rugs, etc.

Delicately fold the silk or lace and place your jewelry on top of it. In case your target audience is male, leather material will work better.

4. Greenery

Plants make anything look good. Photograph your product against plants or green leaves.

You can also invest in fake plants and re-use them.

5. Mixing up

While you can take pictures of your product against other backgrounds, do have shots of it with a white background too.

Combine both images to give your audience a good look at your product.

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Alita Fernandes | 24th Jul 2022 2 mins
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