Alita Fernandes | 24th Jul 2022 2 mins

Amazon Product Photography and Editing for Sellers

93% of consumers consider visual content before making any purchase online.

This thus makes product photography and editing two of the key components of your sales through Amazon.

Let's break this down and discuss them separately.

Amazon product photography

Of everything that brings conversions to your store, Amazon product images will always be on the top.

How much money you pay to run ads to get traffic doesn't matter. If your product photos suck, you are burning dollars.

An excellent product photograph -

  • Helps attract buyers' attention
  • Builds trust among customers
  • Leads to higher conversion rates
  • Helps narrate your brand's story
  • Gives a competitive edge over other brands
  • Gives customers a good buying experience, thus increasing the brand's loyalty

Amazon has certain guidelines when it comes to the images that are uploaded on its site. It is crucial that before you even begin your product photography, you first read the Amazon image requirements.

Image editing

Once you've taken your product photos and are happy with them, we come to the final phase before you upload these images.

While your product must look the same in the pictures as in person, slight editing of the photo to make the colors pop a little will make your product stand out.

Unless you invest in a professional photographer, you don't need a hefty budget to edit your eCommerce photographs. Several eCommerce photography apps, with their free features, do the work just fine.

Alita Fernandes | 24th Jul 2022 2 mins
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