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Amazon Image Requirements: The Ultimate Guide for 2023

Amazon Image Requirements: The Ultimate Guide for 2023

Have you ever purchased something from Amazon that had blurry or no pictures? Most of us will answer no to that! This is because, as consumers, we like making informed purchasing decisions. Similarly, when selling your product to a person miles away from you, the only way to show what your product will look like in person is through images. Due to this, product photography and maintaining the Amazon image requirements have become one of the most critical elements for selling on Amazon.

With an excellent opportunity of expanding your business worldwide comes the responsibility of keeping up with the great competition. Hence, it is vital to make YOUR product stand out, deliver only the best to your consumers, and drive in more sales through the power of images. Let’s dive deeper into understanding how you can optimize your product's image as per the amazon product image requirements and stand out from the rest of your competition.

What is Amazon product photography?

When a potential consumer visits Amazon to search for a product, one of the first things they will look at is your product's image. Your product image will either drive your sales up or down the valley.

A consumer will most likely skip looking at a product with no image. Similarly, a product with an attractive photo that clearly communicates its benefits to the consumer will increase conversion.

Product photography is different from other photography styles. Product photography is the art of capturing images in a way that communicates to your audience why they should be buying your product.

This type of photography is focused on bringing out the features and benefits of your product while maintaining an attractive appeal.

The goal of product photography should be to inform and convince your potential customers. Your image should speak about the quality and usability of your product without your potential consumers having to second guess.

What is Amazon product photography?

How do Amazon product images affect conversions?

  • A good, appealing image can help increase the click-through rate.
  • As humans, we process images about 60,000-times faster than words.
  • Listings that have better pictures convert better.
  • Excellent product images help evoke emotions over words.
  • Humans have a shorter attention span; hitting the right chords with the right photos that grab attention can drive up sales.
  • Suppose your product image helps your consumer get a better gist of what to expect from your product. In that case, they will be less likely to search for information elsewhere.

Types of Amazon images

The kind of images you get to upload to amazon depends upon your product type. The photos you choose will ultimately affect your consumer's buying decisions. Following is a list of four different image types.

a. Hero image/main image

The main image of your product is the first image that your customers will see on the product detail page. This will determine if the consumer will click further to learn more about your product or if they will continue scrolling. Make them stop, stare, and want to know more. Hero image  - Type of Amazon Image Source: Created on DoMyShoot

b. Secondary image

Secondary images are images that come after the main image. Depending on your product, you will get several slots to fill up. Here you can add photographs from different angles of your product, packaging, etc. Take good pictures of your product to show your potential customers what your product would look like after they purchase it. Types of Amazon images Source: Created on DoMyShoot

c. Infographic image

Images that showcase benefits highlight the product's best features and tell users why YOUR product is the best. image 4.jpg

d. Lifestyle image

Give your potential consumers a taste of how they will feel when using your product. Lifestyle images are images of your product in use. This could be someone using your product or before - after using your product. This helps potential buyers imagine what using your product would feel like. Lifestyle image Source: Created on DoMyShoot

Amazon image requirements - Technical

Before you upload your product's image on Amazon, here are a few technical aspects of things for you to consider so that you are on the right track.

  • Use TIFF (.tif/.tiff), JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), GIF (.gif) and PNG (.png) format
  • Ensure your image pixel dimensions are at least 1000 or larger in either height or width.
  • Ensure the color mode is sRGB or CMYK.
  • The name of your file must include the product identifier (Amazon ASIN, 13-digit ISBN, EAN, JAN, or UPC). This should then be followed by a period and the correct file extension (Example: B000123456.jpg or 0237425673485.tif)
  • Avoid spaces, dashes, or additional characters in the filename. As this can prevent your image from going online.

Amazon image requirements - Design

While scrolling on Amazon, you may have noticed that most images have a relatively uniform design. That is because Amazon is pretty strict about the type and size of images on the site.

The images should be 1,600 pixels or larger on the longest side to enable the zoom function on the website. The zoom feature has proven to enhance sales. The image must not exceed 10,000 pixels on the longest side.

Amazon site standards for product images

There are standardized rules to follow for your amazon main image requirements before uploading an image. They are as follows.

  • The photograph must be professional. It can also be a cover art of the product being sold. Avoid using drawings or illustrations of the product.
  • Your product's image needs to be in focus and should look professional.
  • The product's color in the image should match the product's actual color.
  • The image should be the front cover art for books, music, and video/DVD. It should fill 100% of the image frame. Jewel cases, promotional stickers, and cellphone are not allowed.
  • Avoid keeping extra elements around your main product. Your product should be the main focus.
  • Fill your product with 85% or more of the image frame, with limited whitespace in the background.
  • Backgrounds must be pure white, RGB 255, 255, 255 on the color wheel.
  • The entire product has to appear within the frame.
  • Do not use unnecessary graphics or text on your image.
  • The image should have smooth edges, as opposed to uneven edges.
  • Get rid of watermarks on the images.
  • Do not use pornographic or offensive materials.

    There are different design requirements for the main image and particular requirements for the alternative pictures that the users can scroll through on Amazon's listings page.

Ideal size for Amazon images

2000 by 2000 pixels is the best photo size for your amazon product image size, forming an aspect ratio of 1:1.

Amazon images - A few best practices

  • Make sure you use proper lighting for the clarity of the image.
  • Use large images, or zoom in on specific images to highlight product features.
  • Take pictures from various angles.
  • Using lifestyle images can help your audience picture themselves using your product.
  • Cross-check the amazon image guidelines for your industry. Amazon has industry guidelines in place for different industries.
  • Run a spell-check. Always better to be safe than sorry!


So now that you have a handy guideline on how to go about your amazon product photoshoot, this is your product's time to shine! Standing apart from your competitors is essential, but that process shouldn't be a task for you. DoMyShoot app helps you get Amazon images and automatically create an adaption of product images. Hence, they meet the amazon product photography guidelines without you having to worry about getting the 'right' product image other than selling your product.


Q. How to resize images for amazon? A. Once you have finalized your image, upload it to the DoMyShoot app to ensure it abides by the amazon image requirements. The DoMyShoot app allows you to review and resize the image without hampering the quality of the picture. Resize and crop the image within the app, and save and upload.

Q. How are dimensions listed on amazon? A. Amazon dimensions are itemized in the standard way for measurement: length x width x height.

Q. What is the best resolution for Amazon images? A. Amazon images must have more than 72 dpi resolution. Images should be 1000 pixels or larger in either height or width.

Q. What are the dimensions for the Amazon main image? A. Ensure your images are 1000 pixels tall or wide by at least 1600 pixels tall or wide. You cant exceed 10000 pixels. If your pictures are too big, resize them in the DoMyShoot app without sacrificing the quality of the image.

Q. What is the best image size for Amazon? A. At least about 1000 pixels tall or wide by at least 1600 pixels tall or wide.

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