Alita Fernandes | 24th Aug 2022 2 mins

5 Quick Tips to Slay Your Halloween Shopify Sale in 2023

5 Quick Tips to Slay Your Halloween Shopify Sale in 2023

Halloween probably brings more revenue than most of the big online sale days (this includes Valentine's Day Sale and even Christmas). If you are wondering how to be ready for this year's Halloween Shopify sale, you are in the right place. The following are 5 crucial things to remember when planning your Halloween Shopify Sale -

1. Prepare

The first week of October is the best time to start planning your Halloween sale.

This includes planning -

  • Your promotional campaigns
  • Your discounts
  • The stock requirements
  • How your site looks
  • Shipping
  • Fluency in customer service

You can then start executing this two weeks before the sale.

2. Optimize your Shopify store for mobile

Retail Mobile Commerce, in general, hit $359.32 billion in 2021, an increase of 15.2% compared to 2020. This means one thing. You have to make your Shopify site user-friendly for a mobile experience.

3. Give your online store a spooky feel!

Decorate your Shopify store with catchy (spooky) banners and photos. You can also consider changing a few (if not all) of your product photographs according to the theme!

You can choose from 1000+ lifestyle backgrounds from DoMyShoot to edit your product photographs.

4. Flash discounts

Halloween flash sales are the best due to high conversion rates. Remember, flash sales work best when they are rare. Hence avoid having any other flash sales around this time.

5. Share on social media

Release product teasers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Email. You can also organize giveaways and contests to lure your customers in. Make it as catchy, fun, and innovative as possible.

Alita Fernandes | 24th Aug 2022 2 mins


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