Alita Fernandes | 24th Jul 2022 2 mins

5 Best Practices to Optimize Your Amazon Product Page

A well-optimized product page is a key to increasing sales through Amazon.

Here, we have listed 5 best practices you can do to stay on top of your competition -

1. Choose relevant keywords

Using the right keywords will help your product pop up in relevant searches.

In the case of Amazon, you need to integrate each keyword once.

The most important keyword goes in the title. The second and third essential keywords will go in the product description.

The rest of the keywords go in the backend of your listing.

2. Write effective product titles

The first thing your consumers will see after the product picture is your product's title. The Amazon title has a limit of 200 characters. Hence optimizing your title is crucial.

3. Bullets to highlight key features

Adding up to five bullet points highlighting the product's key features is always better. Make these points informative and keyword-rich.

4. Write a clear and concise product description

Suppose your customers have reached this point where they are reading your product's description. In that case, they are interested in knowing more about it.

Take your time and fill it up properly. Keep it casual and relatable to your audience.

5. Add high-quality images

Amazon is strict about the images that go on the site. Make sure you read the Amazon image guidelines before you even start planning your product photoshoot**.

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