Get Free Access to DoMyShoot Premium till end of year

Get Free Access to DoMyShoot Premium till end of year

Get Free Access to DoMyShoot Premium till end of year

Shopify Product Photography

Elevate your storefront with professional-grade Shopify product photography and create product photos as well as lifestyle banners using DoMyShoot

Shopify Product Photography with DoMyShoot
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Need to click Product images? Scan to Download Now!
Download DoMyShoot for product photography and sell your products with standout product photos

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So, what is Shopify Photography all about?

Should you have a Shopify storefront, congratulations on joining 1,000,000+ smart sellers who choose Shopify's user-friendly eCommerce platform to set up online selling for their brand! This top eCommerce platform handles website design, payment integration, hosting, and email marketing making it a seamless process to own a web store One of the things they don't help with is the product photos for your catalog, so you'll have to figure out how to create Shopify product photos on your own. After spending all that time creating and making your products, it's important you ensure they are all showcased properly to your potential customers DoMyShoot’s experience with supporting Shopify product photography for online sellers suggests that product photos are the key to converting browsers into buyers.

How To Click Images For Your Shopify Store

There are many resources and best practices for Shopify product photography preparation and results. Here are a few key takeaways:

1. High quality images sell

Make sure your product is sharp and well focused when clicking the image without blurry areas. There is nothing worse than to find low resolution or blur photos in a listing - this is a complete turn off for most buyers! Ensure you zoom into every photo you click to check on the focus and clarity of the product photo

2. Take Multiple Angles

Remember that your customer is basing their buying decision on what they see on your listings. Give them enough details of your product to push them to buy. 3 to 5 angles are a good standard to maintain. However, it's also not a bad idea to ensure to add in lifestyle photos and infographics especially on high value products

3. Coverage Matters

A good thumb rule to follow is to ensure 80% of your frame is occupied by the product you are clicking. The more is seen of your product, the better are the chances of conversion

4. Get the lighting right

Try to achieve clicking a photo true to the actual color of your product. The more this is true, the less manipulations are required later in retouching and higher chances of avoiding product returns exists. Clicking in natural light is one great way to ensure this. Alternatively, experiment with light reflectors until you are happy with the result

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DoMyShoot has massively reduced our TAT

"Since we have multiple hubs across the country, we used to hire a professional photographer who visited these locations and clicked photos for us. It was a lengthy process that used to take up a lot of time. Thankfully, we found the DoMyShoot app. This workflow has massively reduced our TAT as well as the costs. And the best part is that the images are of incredibly high quality.”

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